About us

About us

Scandinavian Property Group (SPG) is a real estate company founded in 2004 and operates in the Scandinavian market with offices in both Oslo and Stockholm. The organization consists of 15 employees who together have a broad and long-standing expertise within transactions, real estate development, project management, law, finance and housing production.


SPG has a large personal network, the right competence and extensive experience when it comes to real estate.


SPG aims to be one of the most successful players in the Scandinavian real estate market. SPG was founded in 2004 and has since completed transactions for approximately SEK 40 billion. The company has during this time delivered a very good risk-adjusted return. Today the company has 15 employees with offices in Oslo and Stockholm.


Ett professionellt och etiskt tillvägagångssätt skapar förutsättningar för att utveckla SPG till en av de mest framgångsrika aktörerna på den skandinaviska fastighetsmarknaden.